Worst Dev-o Album?
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2015-07-14 18:12:27 UTC
shout definitely. R U Experienced is a good song but the album is disposable
2016-10-10 20:21:03 UTC
Spuds, what in your opinion is the WORST of the 8 Devo studio albums??
I'm sure we're all curious to hear your reasoning.
I have to say that despite a couple great moments, "Smooth Noodle Maps"
is their very least effort in my opine.
"Post Post Modern Man" and "Pink Jazz Trancers" are excellent songs,
among the group's best, but there is just way too much filler on the LP.
It seems to me that gradually the group's knack for catchy tunes was
less and less evident on the last 2 LP's, with too much production
trickery and wacky sound fx in its place.
Can you hum "Big Picture" or "Spin That Wheel"??? Hell no. Songs like
"Satisfied Mind", "Snowball", "Patterns", "Strange Pursuit"....these
were all LP-cut filler stuff, yet were excellent, jump-out-at-ya tunes.
It seems like they are really struggling on "Maps" when the hooks are
not there.
Your thoughts?
In my opinion Freedom of Choice (yes, really. Weak songwriting and horribly executed), Shout, and Smooth Noodle Maps.